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Need a Probiotic That Fits Your Lifestyle?

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Power Through Your Workout with Probaxstra Sport

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How Probaxstra Works


What are Probiotics?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Probiotics as “Living microorganisms, that when taken in adequate amounts, provide a health benefit to the [consumer].” This means that the Probiotic bacteria must be safe for us to take in order to help us improve our overall health by improving our bowel/gut performance and modulating our immune system’s response.

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How will Probaxstra help?

The unique formulation includes our patented blend of highly effective components including our SuperStrain Probiotic as the prominent ingredient. In addition PROBAXSTRA™ also contains a powerful matrix of functional attributes that work synergistically to bring a state of homeostasis to your entire digestive system including antioxidants, electrolytes, minerals, vitamin and energy blend, and a digestive aid blend.

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Choose One-of-a-Kind

Probaxstra contains the World's only patented SuperStrain Probiotic using TruCFU Technology™. Unlike most common Probiotic products, our “SuperStrain” remains fully alive and active throughout the harsh conditions of the digestive system allowing it to reach the small intestines and colon where it immediately begins to repopulate the good bacteria and crowd out the bad bacteria.

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All Probiotics are Not the Same

Grown in a very specific controlled environment, our Probiotic SuperStrain has a unique ability to form a spore (A Hardened protein coat). In this spore form, it is alive and well protected for harsh conditions like temperature, pH, humidity, and desiccation (excessive drying). When you use Probaxstra, the spore enters in the harsh conditions of the human GI tract where it is exposed to low pH. As it passes through the stomach and entering into the small intestine, conditions are more suitable for growth. The spore then quickly changes into a vegetable cell, constantly growing and dividing to populate your gut with beneficial bacteria while crowding out bad bacteria.


I’ve been taking these for a month now. I can definitely feel a difference in my gut health.

Angela Mattson via Amazon

Product is particularly effective on my sensitive gut and I notice the difference.

Theodore L. Peterson via Amazon

Love this product. I’ve been using it for over a year now and works great as a daily supplement.

Che via Amazon